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Via Venezia Textiles’ extravagant pieces reflect a brilliant infusion of hand-dyed and hand-painted colors and designs that come crashing through every piece with old world and modern charm, while cultivating chic connoisseurship based on ancient motifs and architectural designs from around the world.


Via Venezia Textiles features hand-dyed silk velvets and linens that have been created using illustrated wooden blocks, which in turn have been carved and painted entirely by hand. The final result is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece of Venetian artistry that is fit for a palace, creating a style like none other for each of its collectors.

Buddhist Lotus Pillow

  • The Buddhist Lotus pattern is inspired by the decorative art of buddhist paintings, which often featured peonies. Pillows are made with a zippered closure and shipped flat. We can recommend insert manufacturers, or ship them inserted at an additional cost.

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